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At Chartwell, we maintain a firm-wide commitment to fundamental research. Our Portfolio Managers and Analysts believe in the importance of intensive bottom-up research and evaluate each company on the basis of its fundamental characteristics.

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Similar to the companies we invest in; we believe that experienced and tenured management teams are a foundation for success. At Chartwell, our tenured Portfolio Management teams have low turnover and extensive industry experience.

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We believe that actively managed strategies with high conviction and lower turnover will generate a consistent pattern of portfolio returns over the long term. Our Portfolio Managers take a long-term perspective with their investments, maintain focused portfolios and strive for increased active share of their holdings to deliver investment performance. Our investment strategies reflect the highest conviction ideas of our Portfolio Managers.

Navigating a dynamic marketplace to deliver innovative asset management.


Chartwell offers active equity and fixed income portfolios to a variety of institutions, families and individuals. Our investment offerings are accessible through separate accounts and ’40 Act Mutual Funds.


Chartwell offers no-load mutual funds. Our funds are broadly distributed for sale by Registered Investment Advisors, Financial Planners and other investment intermediaries.

Experts are behind every choice we make.

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Formed in 1997 with the goal of providing investors with exceptional client service, a disciplined, consistent investment process and a culture of openness and transparency.

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